VALIANT 101: Learning about the Valiant Universe
Lesson 1 - A Guided Tour of Pre-Unity VALIANT
May 1991 to July 1992

The VALIANT UNIVERSE began in the early 1990s with a revival of 1960s Gold Key title Magnus Robot Fighter 4000AD.Gold Key
May 1991
The first comic in the Valiant Universe was Magnus Robot Fighter #1, with a cover date of May 1991.
September 1991Gold Key


Another Gold Key character Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom was reimagined in Solar, Man of the Atom #1 for September 1991.
The first original Valiant universe character was Rai, first appearing on the flipside of Magnus #5 as a Rai #1 mini-series cover.

Rai is the earliest Valiant universe character still being published today.

October 1991
November 1991Solar #3 introduced Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation.
December 1991Magnus #7 showed the first X-O Commando armor, worn by the first Spider-Alien shown with four fingers on each hand.
January 1992Harbinger #1 was the first original Valiant universe title, introducing five teen Harbinger renegades: Peter, Kris, Faith, Charlene, and Torque.
February 1992X-O Manowar #1 followed as the second original Valiant title with the first appearance of Aric of Dacia obtaining the first X-O Manowar armor.
March 1992Rai #1 was the third regular series Valiant title, following the Rai four issue mini-series published as the flipside of Magnus #5-#8.
May 1992Shadowman #1 presented Jack Boniface as Shadowman, the same month as his brief appearance as a jazz musican in X-O Manowar #4.
Magnus #12 re-introduced Turok, first appearing in Four Color #596 from Dell Publishing in 1954.
Harbinger #6 included the death of Torque, one of the renegade teenagers.
Harbinger #1 through #6 include coupons for Harbinger #0 Pink edition.

Solar #10 introduced the Eternal Warrior (Gilad) and Geomancers Buck and Geoff McHenry.
Solar #10 had a second printing six months later.
The solid black cover is embossed, and the second printing has Roman numeral II on the cover.

June 1992
July 1992Archer & Armstrong #0 is the first issue and the first appearance of Obadiah Archer and Armstrong (Aram Anni-Padda). A gold edition of 5,000 copies was also released as the earliest dated Valiant retailer premium.


May 1991 to July 1992

Valiant comics with cover dates through July 1992 are Pre-Unity Valiant, indicating their publication prior to the Unity crossover storyline.
A complete set of Pre-Unity Valiant comics is 54 books.
Three limited edition books were written prior to Unity,
but were released later with special distribution.
They are usually included in the Pre-Unity list.

A quick-reference printable page for 1991-1992 first appearances is available.

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